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Living with a Disability: Keeping Your Home Secure and Accessible

There are many types of disabilities that can make it difficult to get around standard home security features. A person in a wheelchair might not be able to see out of a standard door peephole, while a person who is hearing impaired might not be able to hear a burglar alarm go off. Fortunately, there are many things your locksmith can do to make your home accessible while still working to keep it safe.

Strobe Light Alarms

Strobe light alarms are designed to alert a deaf or hard-of-hearing person to an emergency in the home. Your locksmith can install fire and smoke detectors with these lights, and he or she can also add the lights to your home security system. You can have the system set up so the lights in each room flash when the doorbell rings, if the glass on your windows is broken, or if someone activates any motion alarm sensors you have outside. Having a visual alert to danger can provide an added feeling of safety for those with hearing problems.

Door Openers

Having an automatic door opener can be a great benefit for someone who needs a wheelchair for daily mobility. You can have an electric model installed in your home, and those made for home use are typically compatible with standard home doors. Have your locksmith install one at each entrance of your home, and consider whether or not adding door openers to the interior of your home would be helpful. You can also install them in a bedroom, den, or in any other room you prefer to keep the door to closed.

Panic Buttons

Some conditions may increase your chance for a medical emergency at home, whether it's a slip and fall, seizure, or another type of medical problem. Having panic alarms installed throughout your home can ensure you get the medical help you need even if you can't make it to a telephone. These buttons can be installed virtually anywhere in the home. Place one next to your bathtub or shower stall in case you slip in the bathroom, and keep one next to your bed for nighttime medical emergencies. The buttons are connected to your home security company, which will alert EMS crews to any calls for help within your home.

If you have a disability, consider having a locksmith like Bob's Lock & Key perform an inspection of your home to determine the different ways your locks and home security system can be modified. With a few changes, your home can be both safe and accessible for you and your family.