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The Best Ways To Reduce Solar Heat Gain And Save On AC This Summer

Summer cooling costs are expensive if you rely on conventional HVAC to cool your home. If you want to keep your home cool but not pay more for energy, efficiency improvements for your home are a good investment. The main problem with efficiency is heat gain, which can come from sunlight through windows and problems like poor insulation or air leaks. Here are some of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient and reduce heat gain:

1. Energy Audits to Stop Costly Air Leaks

Energy audits are a great way to reduce heat loss in your home. A study of your home will tell you where air leaks are and other improvements that need to be done. Air leaks are often found around windows and other penetrations around the outside of your home. You can contact a window repair contractor to help with things like replacing weather stripping and insulating around windows to stop air leaks.

2. Awnings and Shutters That Have a Practical Cooling Purpose

Awnings and shutters are affordable improvements that can be added to windows and doors. Awnings are a great way to provide protection from sunlight that causes heat gain. Shutters are also a good improvement, which will also provide your home with protection from storm damage.

3. Heat Convection Ventilation for Passive Cooling

Heat naturally rises, which can also create natural currents of air. This process is called heat convection and with a good design for your home, rising heat can also be used as a passive cooling solution. All you need are higher windows or vents that help to circulate the hot air out of your home. The airflow can be helped with the addition of an attic fan.

4. Adding Insulation for a Thermal Barrier and Reduction in Heat Gain

Insulation is the material in your home that provides a thermal barrier. There are some areas of your home that may lack the insulation that is needed. You want to make sure you have sufficient insulation in areas like attics. In addition, add insulation to exterior walls that are in unfinished space, such as in a basement.

These are some of the best improvements that you will want to consider to reduce heat gain in your home and save on AC costs this summer. If you are ready to improve your home, contact a window repair contractor, such as one from North Heights Hardware Hank, to help with some of these improvements.