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Three Ways To Make Your Backyard The Favorite Neighborhood Hangout Spot

Do you miss the days when, instead of always going out, friends gathered at one another's homes to spend evenings and weekends together? One way to get back to those simpler times is to turn your backyard into the neighborhood hangout spot. With the right amenities, it will become the place your family and friends choose to gather. Here are three ideas to get you started on that transformation.

A Fire Pit Table

Who doesn't love a good campfire? A good way to keep the fire contained is with a fire pit table. This is like a raised metal enclosure where you can burn your wood without worry that you'll set the grass on fire or get coals all over the ground. The square shape of most of these tables makes them easy to cook over too. Imagine making everything from fire-grilled hot dogs to sandwiches with your friends!

In addition to the fire pit table, you'll need some comfortable lounge chairs, a few forks for toasting marshmallows, and a good arsenal of songs to sing around the fire. Schedule your first backyard fire, and you can bet visitors will start asking when the next one it. If you are interested in installing a fire pit, contact a business such as So Cal Fire Pits

A Movie Projector

If you have a large barn or even a side of your house that is flat without any windows, consider investing in a movie projector. You can project movies onto the wall of the barn or house once the sun sets. Have all of your visitors bring their own chair or blanket to relax on, and provide some simple snacks or beverages.

If you do not have a barn or blank side of your home, you can also purchase a projector screen. However, keep in mind that you'll have to put the screen up and take it down after each use in order to prevent weather damage.

A Smoker

If you love cooking, the only thing you may need to add to your yard is a smoker! A real wood smoker will emit an enticing smell that will have the neighbors wandering in before you know it. You can host weekend parties and have attendees take turns bringing the meat. Or, provide the meat and have everyone who visits bring a side to share.

Along with your smoker, consider investing in some patio furniture so everyone can sit outdoors and enjoy the good weather as they dine. Of course, you can pair this idea with either of the others on this list, too.