Make Your Vegetable Garden Spectacular

Give Your House A Grand Entrance

Your entryway gives visitors their first impression of your house. It serves as the literal transition between the outdoors and the indoors. Many homeowners spend time and money decorating the foyer so it makes a good impression. However, the walk up and door of the house are equally important. Create a grand entrance to your house by making over the entryway.

Border the Pathway

The front walkway literally leads to your front door, not only guiding visitors but also passersby's eyes. One way to add beauty with your walkway is by landscaping the border. Boxwood shrubs are a popular plant for bordering walkways. You can manicure them into rectangles for a formal effect. However, you can soften the edges for a more casual look by planting less structured plants in front. Better Homes and Gardens suggests planting variegated hosta, which is a lush plant that makes an attractive border. You could also choose flowers for a delicate and colorful border.

Light up the Entryway

Naturally lighting up the area around your door is essential for safety. How you do so, though, depends on your house. For instance, if you have a porch, it may make sense to combine an overhead lighting fixture with those affixed to the wall. However, if your home has a simple overhang, perhaps outdoor wall lighting fixtures are sufficient. Either way, look for fixtures that complement your house's style while providing important illumination. For instance, if you have a colonial or otherwise historical style home, ornate fixtures look attractive. For a modern home, you may prefer sleek, minimalist outdoor lighting fixtures.  

Choose a New Door

The front door can have a surprisingly big influence on the look of your house's façade. A Craftsman style front door is typical for traditional homes, whereas glass and metal doors create a striking profile for modern homes. The color is also impactful. If you don't want to draw attention to the door itself, look for a natural finish. However, many homeowners like cheerful colors such as red or even fuchsia to give a welcoming effect.

Add Accent Pieces

Just as a table with pretty flowers can provide a good impression in the foyer, accent pieces around your entryway can also impact its appearance. If you want to create symmetry, consider choosing matching accent items, such as small statues or planters, to flank the steps. However, some entrances call for a single accent item because of the architecture. You could choose a single statue or even place a water fountain to the side of the entryway.

Design an entrance to your home that impresses visitors and passersby.