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Ideas For Using A Canvas Canopy In Your Yard

If you don't have enough shade in your yard, consider buying a canvas canopy. These come in different styles and they can be plain or elegant gazebos with sides. They provide protection from UV rays to prevent sunburns and fading of outdoor furniture. Plus, by providing shade and airflow, you'll have a cool place to lounge in your yard. Here's a look at the different uses of a canvas canopy.

A Basic Canopy Protects Your Car

If you don't have a garage to protect your car from the sun, a canvas canopy is a good alternative. Buy one that mounts on galvanized steel poles and you'll have a quick parking space that protects your car from UV rays. Canvas material breathes so you don't have to worry about it molding, and galvanized poles won't rust, so the canopy requires very little care. A basic canopy can double as a picnic shelter when it isn't being used as a carport.

A Canvas Canopy Can Shade Your Patio Or Pool

Some canvas canopies can be hung from your roof or a tree to form a shade sail that casts shade over your swimming pool or patio. These don't have mounting poles that get in the way so they can be placed anywhere you can mount a hook to hang them. These canopies come in different colors and add a touch of décor to your outdoor space. They'll keep you from getting a sunburn while you swim and they'll make you more comfortable while lounging on your patio in the shade.

A Gazebo-Style Canopy Adds Glamour

A canvas canopy can double as a gazebo where you can set up an outdoor dining table or use as a space to watch the nature scenery in your yard. These come in different configurations. The sides can have panels that pull back like curtains or the may roll up like blinds. Having side panels helps keep the sun out of the gazebo when the sun is lower in the sky. A gazebo canopy can be placed on your patio near your home or it can be set at the far end of your property. If you buy one with screens that zip on the sides, you'll have a place to enjoy the outdoors where mosquitoes can't bother you.

Canvas is an ideal material for a canopy because it is durable, resistant to fading, and it comes in different colors and patterns. It offers full protection from UV rays so you can enjoy the outdoors in safety while sitting in cool shade. For more information, contact companies like EVANS AWNING.