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3 Ways To Enjoy Your Patio In The Rain

Living where the rainy season is long or overlaps the warm season can be frustrating, especially if you like to spend time outside but don't want to always be wet. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy your backyard while also remaining dry. The key is designing a patio area that incorporates the natural beauty of the rain into its overall design. The following three ways can help you achieve this goal.

#1: Choose the right cover

Staying dry naturally begins with the patio cover, but not all covers are created equal. For example, most fabric covers are designed to handle some moisture, but they aren't designed for weeks of rainy weather. Metal covers, on the other hand, are durable and waterproof, but they aren't a good choice if you aren't fond of the rain on a tin roof sound. Wood covers, when well treated and sealed, are the quietest option that also provides good durability. Designing a cover so it's an extension of the house, with shingles and full undercladding, means it is the most durable choice available.

#2: Create an attractive drainage system 

The drainage system around the patio achieves several ends. First and foremost, rain dripping off the eaves can lead to a water damaged foundation or patio pad. It also tends to splash up and onto the patio, getting areas wet that would otherwise be dry. A moat can also form around the patio if the dripping water can't drain quickly enough. While a gutter and downspout system solves this problem, why not take an extra step and harness the drainage system for aesthetic purposes?

Instead of standard downspouts, invest in beautiful rain chains. There are a variety of designs available, from those that resemble tiny brass flower cups to those that look like a series of buckets carrying the water to the ground. A rain chain can empty into a ground drain or a water-loving plant bed. As an added bonus, most rain chains create a lovely tinkling sound as the water drips through them.

#3: Celebrate rain with a garden

No outdoor area is complete without flowering plants, but the key is finding those that can thrive in wet conditions. Planting a rain garden near your patio is the solution. These gardens feature a low berm to capture excess moisture, generally from the roof via a rain chain or downspout. Plants like bee balm,vervain, and phlox are planted in the garden, since they thrive in moist soil and are resistant to fungal issues. The garden isn't just a place of beauty to enjoy near the patio, but it serves the purpose of preventing the nutrients in your soil from being washed out of your yard.