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Are You Ready For A New Air Conditioner?

As the weather warms up, you need cool, reliable air in your home. Is your current air conditioner up to the task or is it time to upgrade? Use this guide to help you determine if you need a new air conditioner or not.

Your bills

Do your energy bills go up every season you use your air conditioner? If so, it's time to upgrade to a unit that uses far less energy than the one you have. Your air conditioner could be costing you money in a few ways.

First, your air conditioner may not be powerful enough to cool your home, causing you to leave the unit on for long periods of time or to turn the thermostat way down to compensate, which costs you money. Secondly, your air conditioner may just be dated and there are many energy efficient models on the market today that use less power and save you money.

Your comfort

Does your air conditioner kick on and off randomly, leaving your home shy of being comfortable? Does your air conditioner freeze up all the time, causing you to have to chip away ice buildup so you can stay cool? Or, does your AC have only two functions: very cold or very warm, so you can't customize your comfort level?

If your AC can't meet your comfort needs, then it's time to get a new unit. Ask your HVAC specialist about air conditioners that come with a remote control (or that can be controlled via a device or smartphone) so you can easily manage the temperature settings in your home whenever you want.

Your budget

If your air conditioner has issues with its compressor or has other malfunctions, then you'll either have to replace the unit or pay an HVAC specialist to have repairs made. Which option is right for you depends on your budget. If the repairs needed are cost-effective and won't cost a lot in labor, then getting your unit repaired instead of replaced makes sense, provided your air conditioner is not so old an upgrade is necessary anyway.

However, if repair costs are similar to what it would cost you to get a new air conditioner, then it's best to spend your money on a newer unit that will last longer and likely be more efficient for your home. Your HVAC specialist will help you choose the best type of air conditioner for your home's needs.

Talk to a local AC service or click here to continue reading more about whether or not it's time to upgrade your AC.