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3 Reasons To Add New Insulation To Your Home

Is your house getting up there in the number of years since it was first built? If so, you might be finding yourself having to keep an eye on home maintenance tasks more and more often. But one area that is not so easy to inspect is your insulation. If your insulation has decayed in quality over time, it might be time to reach out to your local insulation contractors. Here are three warning signs that your insulation is no longer as good as it used to be.

Hot and Cold

One of the tell-tale signs of an insulation problem is if you walk into different rooms of your house and feel like it's suddenly a completely different temperature. If your heating system is supposed to heat the home evenly but your bedroom feels dramatically different than your living room, this could mean an insulation problem. New insulation will maintain an even temperature throughout the home, leaving your family feeling comfortable.

Through the Roof

If you can feel your blood pressure rising in recent months upon glancing at your energy bill, this could also be a warning sign of decaying insulation. Sure, check other culprits like the heater or air conditioner itself or perhaps there is a drafty window involved. If you can't pinpoint the exact problem, it's time to have an insulation expert come and take an in-depth look at your home.

Home Invasion

If you have some creepy critters suddenly paying you a visit within your home, you are obviously going to want to know how they got there. When the exterminator comes out, make sure they take a look at the insulation. Old insulation can provide the perfect environment for unwanted pests looking to create a new foothold into your home. Pay special attention to the insulation in your attic and basement and then call an insulation specialist after the pest problem has been eradicated. Get the insulation problem fixed quickly before the pests decide to come back for round two.

Your home's insulation is often out of sight and therefore out of mind. But there are some key indicators that can give you a heads up about a potential insulation problem. If you notice uneven temperatures throughout your home or an energy bill that has increased every month despite regular use from your family, the insulation might be to blame. Contact a local insulation contractor today, such as at All Weather Shield Inc, for more information.