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Care Tips For Your New Cambria Quartz Countertop

Replacing your bathroom's old countertop with one made of quartz is a great choice. Cambria quartz countertops are beautiful, and they are very durable. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of when it comes to cleaning and caring for them. To this end, below is a list of tips you can use to keep your bathroom's Cambria quartz countertop clean and looking great:

Understand How Your Countertop Was Made and What Substances Will Damage It

The Cambria quartz countertop in your bathroom wasn't mined directly out of the ground as one boulder. This is a very important fact because, unlike marble and other natural stone countertops, those made of quartz are comprised of four different materials:

  1. pulverized quartz rock

  2. rosin

  3. binding

  4. pigment

Cambria makes their quartz countertops by mixing together each of the four things listed above and then pressing the resulting mixture into a shaped mold.

While pure quartz rock is non-porous and nearly impervious to damage, the rosin, binder, and pigment in your bathroom's countertop can be damaged if it comes into contact with:

  • harsh household cleaners

  • chlorine bleach

  • ammonia

  • nail polish remover

  • oil-based cosmetics and soaps

In addition, if you get any hair dye, nail polish, or lipstick on the countertop, then it will discolor it.

Keep Your Curling Iron and Hairdryer Off of Your Cambria Quartz Countertop

Since your curling iron, hair straightener, and hairdryer get very hot, they should be kept off of the new countertop. While the heat isn't damaging to quartz, it will damage the binding agents Cambria uses when making their countertops and will leave burn marks on it.

Regularly Clean the Quartz Countertop with Safe Cleaners and Materials

The new countertop in your bathroom needs to be regularly cleaned to keep it looking brand new. To prevent damaging it, only use the following cleaners and materials:

  • microfiber cloths

  • sponges

  • cotton towels

  • liquid dish soap

In addition, you can also safely use an ammonia-free glass cleaner on quartz countertops to make them shine.

Contact Your Countertop Installer for Any Issues or Damage

Finally, it is important you call your Cambria quartz countertop installation service if you have any problems. You can contact a company like Old World Stone for more details. Also, you should call them if you accidentally damage the countertop by dropping something on it. Sometimes, a small area of damage can be fixed before it becomes a larger area that isn't so easily repaired. This can save you a lot of money.