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Reducing Moisture-Related Construction Site Safety Hazards With A Roof Drain System

Working in the construction industry means that you often come across various hazards. Risk mitigation helps to reduce your exposure to risk, but there might be certain risks that go unnoticed until it is too late. Moisture can create construction site risks that put your health and safety at risk. Limiting sources of moisture can help improve safety, particularly with the installation of a roof drain system.

Reducing the Source of Moisture

Rain often delays construction site work, and there is not much you can do to work around adverse weather other than wait. Once the weather clears, you may do your best to ensure that everything is dry so that you can safely continue  the construction process. However, the roofing system of the building you are constructing could be a prime source for moisture buildup, especially a flat roofing system.

Flat roofing systems are not entirely flat, which allows water to pool on the roof. Without a proper roof drain system in place, the water will continue collect each time it rains. Eventually, the water can create work-related hazards that put you and your construction crew at risk. You can reduce moisture buildup by installing a roof drain pan to redirect the flow of water from the roofing system away from your construction site.

Moisture Risks to Your Health and Safety

Without a proper drain system in place, you run the risk of water running off the roof and down onto newly poured concrete. Although dry concrete can pose risks to your health since it exposes you to silica particles, overly wet concrete can also prove hazardous. Aside from wearing proper gear, such as waterproof boots, gloves, and protective covers, you should invest in a drain system. Overly wet concrete can pose certain health and safety issues, such as slip-and-fall accidents.

Water that builds on a roofing system or leaks off it can also create electrical hazards. It is no secret that water and electricity do not mix well. You run the risk of injury or even death should you encounter electricity exposed to moisture. In fact, 53% of all electrical-related injuries in 2016 occurred within the construction industry. Although that is a decrease from the number of injuries reported in 2015, you can still reduce the risk of injury by installing a drain system to reduce moisture buildup on your construction site.

Talk to a professional near you like Roof Drain Pans Company about the installation of a drain pan system to help redirect the flow of water from a roofing system. In doing so, you might be able to save the lives of yourself and your crew while working on your next construction site.