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Open The Door To Getting Organized By Choosing Practical Kitchen Cabinet Interiors

When it comes to selecting new kitchen cabinets, it's easy to focus on the outward appearance. You want to choose the right color and materials to enhance the beauty of your kitchen, but the best kitchen cabinets are the ones that are beautiful and practical. And the best cabinet interiors are the ones that go beyond basic storage and make organizing your kitchen easy.

Keep countertops clutter-free

Countertop clutter is not only unsightly, but it also takes up valuable workspace you could be using for food preparation. Let your cabinets work to keep clutter to a minimum. Look for drawer and cupboard additions to store common household tools or appliances normally kept on your countertop.

An appliance garage will hide mixers, toasters, blenders, and bread machines. Choose appliance garages or depots with roll-top or sliding doors for easy access. Have electrical outlets installed inside the appliance garage so you don't have to move small appliances to another location to use them.

A slotted knife drawer will keep your knives sharp and protected. Have a lock added to the drawer to keep small children safe. A drop-down drawer under an upper cabinet is useful for storing and organizing other kitchen utensils.

A slide-out cutting board is another space-saving cabinet feature. Having a cutting board accessible above a knife drawer will make your chopping and slicing tasks simple.

Consider see-through pantry doors

Gone are the days when a pantry was another closet. Having easy access to all of your favorite pantry staples is a breeze when you have several rows of small see-through compartments installed in your cabinets. These convenient bins are great for organizing pasta, dry beans, sugar, and flour, and they are a wonderful decorative addition to any kitchen theme.

You may also wish to have produce bins installed for storing potatoes, onions, etc. Bins should be ventilated to promote longer shelf life of your produce.

Trade in your pot rack for a pot drawer

Pot racks can get disorganized fast, and dust and kitchen grease can make it difficult to keep your most important cooking vessels clean. Having plenty of deep storage drawers inside your cabinets will keep your pots and pans in order and clean. Have a deep and narrow drawer installed for keeping pot lids organized.

Having kitchen cabinets that look great is important but having the right interior features will keep your kitchen organized and functional. Practical interior features will also free up your food prep area and help to keep your kitchen tools clean and ready for use.