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Preparing Your Home for Vinyl Replacement Window Installation

If your windows are worn, outdated, and inefficient, it is time to repair them and improve them. There are many options such as new glass, storm windows, or vinyl replacement units that mount in existing casing. If you are going to install replacement windows, some work needs to be done to prepare the openings. The following guide will help you prepare your home for vinyl windows:

Inspect the Window Openings 

The first step in preparing your home for new windows is inspecting the openings. If you are planning on installing replacement windows, you will need to check the window sizes and make a list of the standard-sized openings. For odd sizes and shapes for your windows, you may need to have replacement units custom made or choose other options for window improvements in these openings.

Remove Sashes and Hardware then Repair Damage 

Once you know where the replacements are going and where improvements or repairs are needed, you will be ready to begin removing the sashes. Remove the existing sashes from openings and any hardware that is fastened to the casing. The opening should allow a replacement unit to fit perfectly inside the casing and be fastened to the existing woodwork of the old window.

Repair Damage to Window Casings and Priming the Opening 

With all the hardware removed from the opening, you will be ready to repair any damage to the existing casings due to pests and rot. Patch any minor damage to the window with a wood filler paste and replace wood that is severely damaged. Once the repairs are done, prime the window openings to make it easier to paint and finish them after the new replacements have been installed.

Make Insulation Improvements and Caulk Around Window Openings

The last step to prepare your openings for replacement windows is to improve the insulation and seal around the casing. First, add batten insulation between casing and wood structural framing if it is needed. Replace any caulking to ensure that there are no air leaks when the new windows are installed. Once the replacement units have been installed, you will also want to add a bead of caulk around the frame; where there is a crack between the existing casing and the replacement window frame.

Once you have the openings prepared, you will be ready to install the new vinyl replacement windows for your home. Contact a window replacement service for help choosing the right windows and installing them to update your home with energy-efficient windows and doors.