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Why You Should Buy A New Air Conditioner This Winter

Whether it's central air or a window unit, your air conditioner is a key part to helping your family make it through the hot summer months comfortably. But because air conditioners are so often associated with heat, your A/C might be the very last thing on your mind in the middle of winter. Still, if you are thinking of upgrading your home from a window A/C to a central air unit or you just need a replacement unit to install, there are some benefits to making this switch or purchase now before the warmer months of the year return. Here's why you should buy your next air conditioner in the winter.

Last Year's Models Might Be on Clearance

Most appliance stores will do what they can to clear out air conditioner inventory before fall arrives, but that doesn't mean they are going to sell every single one. It's quite possible that your local appliance store or sales service still has some A/Cs from last summer sitting in a back room somewhere. If you reach out and inquire about these units after they've gone out of season or on clearance, you might be able to snag a deal. The appliance store will want to clear inventory in order to have more room when new air conditioners start arriving in the spring, so they might go low if it will help them get it out the door.

Wait Too Long and You Might Not Get the Features You Want

The air conditioner market starts picking up by late spring. By the time summer has arrived, all of your local stores might be selling units as fast as they can bring them in. By purchasing now when the market is as cold as the weather, you may be able to find a more advanced model with more features at a discount price. These high-end models could be difficult to find at all once spring arrives, and by then, all of the air conditioners will be back up to full price.

If You Need Help With Installation, This Is the Time to Do It

Some appliance stores also offer in-home service where they will come out to your home and help you set your new air conditioner up. Again, scheduling an appointment can be tricky or more expensive if you wait until the start of summer to do it. Get your air conditioner installed now before it's necessary, and you'll likely be made a priority by the appliance store's install team because they won't have that many other customers to take care of.