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3 Powerful Perks Of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing is the process of having your floors sanded down, cleaned, re-stained, and re-sealed. While it may be a complex and difficult DIY job, professionals can handle this task efficiently, making it possible to reinvigorate your dated flooring. Here are three powerful perks of hardwood floor refinishing. 

1. Change Your Floor Color If you are tired of that dark walnut look and want something a little lighter and brighter, hardwood floor refinishing can give you the opportunity to brighten up your space. When you refinish your flooring, you have the opportunity to completely shift the appearance of your floors. From transforming dark stained floors into whitewashed or light gray surfaces to taking natural birch flooring into the dark side, changing your floor color is a fun and easy way to make your home feel brand new. 

When selecting a new stain color, think carefully about what you want your flooring to look like for the long haul. Try to select a floor color that blends with the overall aesthetic and color palette of your home, but that also feels timeless. 

2. Remove Surface Damage Over the years, your flooring can take quite a hit from foot traffic, pets, and moisture damage. Fortunately, you can erase these marks, scuffs, and depressions by having your floor refinished. Since refinishing involves sanding away a few layers of your flooring, you can whisk away problems, paving the way for a better result. 

To prevent future damage, you could even choose a better varnish that cures harder, or pick a stain color that disguises small amounts of damage. For example, a mid-tone stain could disguise tiny scrapes and nicks, helping your flooring to look newer for longer. 

3. Blend Hardwood Varieties If you have multiple varieties of flooring throughout your home, hardwood floor refinishing can help all of the floors in your home to look contiguous and beautiful. Flooring can be refinished to match throughout your home, making spaces appear larger and more welcoming. 

This perk is especially helpful in older homes, since occupants may add onto the space multiple times over the course of ownership. By blending hardwood varieties by sanding them down and restaining the surface, you can make your home appear seamless.  

If you have hardwood flooring throughout your house, don't waste any time contacting a flooring professional. By investing in home repairs and maintenance, you can improve the value of your home, and the ambiance of your space. Additionally, newly refinished hardwood floors are less susceptible to moisture damage, since they repel water. 

To learn more about hardwood floor refinishing, contact a company like Kenton Carpet Care.