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Need Some Height To Your Fence?

A lot of people are turning to the garden this time of year, and trying to decide what needs to be done. If you have a wooden fence, you may need to reseal it, or do some other work. Or maybe you're putting up new fencing. The old one needs replacing, or you just want to enclose the yard and hadn't done it yet. There's lots of reasons why you might be doing this kind of work. Most wood fence panels you can get come in the six foot height range. Sometimes you can find taller, but that tends to be about as tall as you can find. In some cases, you might find yourself needing a little bit extra height. 

Now, you find taller fences. But sometimes they're hard to get your hands on because of local rules and regulations regarding maximum fence height. Some areas require permits for taller fences, and some do not. But in many areas, six feet tall is the standard height for wooden fences, and finding anything else can be difficult. It's also possible that you've got a small yard, and while you want a taller fence (perhaps you have an escape prone dog, or you just like the privacy) you don't want your yard to feel so dark and hemmed in.

Did you know that there are top fence panels for such situations? There are plain ones to match your fencing if all you need is the extra height, but if you want to let a little light in there are also many lattice fencing panels to top your fence off. They come in a huge variety of styles, some your regular lattice work, but they get highly decorative and can be a very beautiful addition to your fence. 

Many of them are designed to be grafted onto already installed wooden fences, so if you put in a shorter fence and only later discovered that the puppy grew up into a dog that can clear a four foot fence in a single bound, you can extend the top of the fence a little bit in a way that looks like you're sprucing up the yard and not like your tacking on some height because you didn't know your dog would be able to jump that high. 

There are also many fence panels you can get that come with the lattice work in the top, without having to add them on to your fence structure, for if you're starting a new fence but like the style of having a slightly more open top to your wooden fence. Learn more about wood lattice fencing panels today.