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Garage Organization Tips For You

If you are like a lot of homeowners, you have a garage that is less than organized. Most people use their garage as a storage area for numerous home items, from tools to holiday decorations and more. When you are hoping to get your garage organized, you may be at a loss as far as how to go about the process and how to get started. Get to know some garage organization tips to help you out with getting your garage whipped into shape. Then, you can start your garage organization process as soon as possible.

Set Aside a Weekend to Complete Your Project

Many people make the mistake of only setting aside a few hours to complete a garage organization project. This is not nearly enough time. You need at least a day to completely organize your garage, but two days is better. So, plan to set aside an entire weekend to complete your garage organization project.

You will be able to take your time and not feel rushed in the process. This also allows you time to vacuum and clean your garage as you organize so that it is an even more inviting and enjoyable space to be in. 

Take Everything Out and Make Sorted Piles

The first thing you will want to do in the garage organization process is to take everything out of your garage. Put everything out on your driveway. To start with, just focus on getting everything out of your garage. 

Once everything is out and your garage is empty, you can start making sorted piles of items. For example, set all of the power tools aside in one pile or area. Put the hand tools in another. Put decor items together (or separate by holiday if you have a lot in a certain holiday category).

The sorting process will allow you to see visually how much of each category of items you have and how much space these items will take in your garage. 

Purge Unneeded or Unwanted Items

When you are organizing a catch-all space like a garage, you will want and need to get rid of some of the items you do not want or need anymore. Have 5 hammers because you couldn't find one every time you needed one? You can probably get rid of at least 3 of them. 

Do you have items that were stashed in the back of the garage that you have not seen or thought about in years? Do you have old paint cans or partially used engine oil bottles? Get rid of these items so you have more space in your garage to organize. You may, for paint and oil, need to find a site that will take those as you should not throw them in the trash, but the point is to get rid of what you do not want or need anymore. 

Maximize Your Space

You should do everything you can in your garage to maximize your space. This means if you have shelving, make sure it goes from floor to ceiling. If you have bare wall areas, put up hooks or other wall fixtures to hang tools and other items on the walls. 

Do not waste space in your garage. You want to be able to fit as much as possible in the space in a neat and organized fashion. Be sure that you do this and you will be able to get everything into your garage and be able to find what you need whenever you venture into the garage space. 

Now that you know just a few garage organization tips to get you started, you can jump right into your garage organization project.

For more information or help, contact a garage organization service.