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Repairing Cracked Window Glass: Is It Possible?

A broken window needs to be replaced, but if the glass is only cracked, is a non-replacement repair possible? In some cases, it might be, but those situations can be fairly specific and not that easy to meet. Residential window glass is different from auto glass, so if you're thinking that your home's window should be repairable because a similar problem with your car's windshield was repairable, you could be very wrong.

A Chip or Small Crack With No Shattering or Holes

A tiny chip in single-pane window glass, where there is no shattering and are no holes, could be repairable to an extent. You don't want to wait to call a glass company, even if the chip is small, because they can grow larger, especially if they're in a pane of glass that can move. The impact that occurs when you close the window can make the crack grow a bit.

Do keep in mind that these repairs may end up being only temporary depending on the location of the crack, as well as the cause of the crack. If whatever caused the crack is still a problem, such as faulty glass installation or someone slamming the window closed with excessive force, then the repair might fail or another crack could occur. Cracks near the frame of the pane are subject to more stress than those in the middle of the pane, which increases their chances of growing.

Longer Cracks

Longer cracks, typically over an inch, aren't repairable. At that length and longer, the integrity of the glass is just too weak, and an impact increases the chances of the repair failing. That's a pane of glass you'll have to replace. The repair company should be able to handle the replacement, too, and they can tell you how they'll make sure the frame of the pane will stay in good shape during the replacement process.

Dual-Pane Problems

If the window is a dual-pane window and the crack is in one pane, you will likely have to replace the entire dual-pane section. Remember that dual-pane windows are not just two panes of glass stuck together; they often have a gas in between them or a vacuum that needs to be manufactured in a specific way.

Before jumping to conclusions either way, have a glass repair company take a look and see what can be done. Contact a local residential glass service today for more information.