Make Your Vegetable Garden Spectacular

Non Selective Weed Killer Recommendations In Your Yard Care

Your yard's landscaping is a big part of your property's appearance and contributes to the look of your home, so it should be the main focus when you care for your vegetation, lawn, trees, and pavement. A number of tools are helpful with caring for your yard's appearance, but a good nonselective weed killer can make easy work of weed removal and prevention. Here are some recommendations to help you keep up your yard's maintenance and pavement with nonselective herbicide for improved property quality and appearance.

Prepare For Ground Cover and Mulch

Landscape covering is a popular way to reduce weeds in your yard and to protect soil moisture and can be made of a layer of gravel, bark chips, and other materials. But before you lay down the covering over the soil, it is helpful to protect the soil from excessive weed growth. The landscape barrier provides good protection against weed germination, but applying a nonselective herbicide will eliminate any small germinating weed seeds and existing weeds within the soil. 

Apply the nonselective herbicide onto the areas you want to prevent weed growth and where any existing weeds are sprouting from. Just be careful not to get it on any vegetation you want to keep alive. This treatment will effectively kill the weed and continue protecting the soil if any existing seeds germinate to grow. Keep the nonselective herbicide handy to retreat the area for any future weed growth. Although the landscape fabric does a great job at smothering weed growth, an occasional weed will find its way through the edges of your layered landscape fabric and covering.

Protect Pavement

In addition to protecting your landscape areas, nonselective weed and grass killers are helpful for caring for your pavement. The control joints along your concrete driveway, patio, and walkway are common areas for weeds and vegetation to grow within. And asphalt pavement can form small cracks that collect dirt and dust perfect for errant weeds to grow within.

Your lawn is an aggressively-growing plant that can send out shooter plants and seeds that grow in the dirt within the cracks and gaps in your concrete and asphalt. This growth can cause damage to your pavement when the plants and roots grow into and crack the pavement. But with an application of nonselective grass and weed killer, any vegetation growth will die off soon after.

A nonselective weed and grass killer will kill down through the roof and prevent your having to pull the weed and its long roots from the cracks in the pavement, saving you a ton of time.