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Considering A Lawn Sprinkler System? Know These 5 Things About Them

Are you considering a lawn sprinkler system, but do not know a bunch about them? If so, it will help to know the following things about them.

Sprinkler Systems Can Save Water

If you frequently water your grass, know that a sprinkler system is designed with water conservation in mind. The system will cover all of your lawn more efficiently than if you placed a sprinkler on the grass and moved it around to cover all of your lawn. The strategic placement of the sprinkler heads will provide even coverage that ensures you are not over-spraying onto parts of the lawn that don't need water. 

Sprinkler Systems Have Rain Detection

Don't want an automatic sprinkler system because you get rain in the area? Know that modern sprinkler systems actually have rain detection features. If the sensor detects that it has recently rained, it will cancel any times where the sprinklers are scheduled to turn on in the near future. This helps prevent your sprinkler system from wasting water.

Sprinkler Systems Need a Backflow Preventer

If you are having a sprinkler system installed, it's crucial that you have a backflow preventer installed with it. Since you have a lot of pipes with stagnant water outside your home, this feature prevents that water from flowing back through your plumbing and reaching the main water supply. It's an important part of keeping the water in your home clean, and may be left out in some sprinkler system installations. 

Sprinkler Heads Can Become Buried Over Time

One type of maintenance that you need to do is maintain the grass around your sprinkler heads by trimming it back. Many sprinkler heads will have a concrete donut placed around it to help protect the sprinkler, but that doesn't stop grass from growing on top of it. It's important to trim around that sprinkler head when the grass starts to overgrow, or else you could end up with sprinkler heads that are unable to pop up and do their job. 

Sprinkler Systems Require End of Year Maintenance

There is some maintenance that needs to be done to a sprinkler system at the end of the year prior to winter coming. You'll need to shut off all the water going into the sprinkler system, and then have the lines blown out with air to get rid of all the water. This will prevent water from freezing in the pipes during the winter, which can cause the pipes and sprinkler heads to become damaged. 

For more information about lawn sprinkler systems, contact a sprinkler installation company in your area.