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4 Commonly Ignored Signs Of Residential Roof Damage

Most people can tell their roof is in trouble when it shows signs like leaking water inside the home, wet spots, and sagging. However, these come along when the damage has been ongoing. An intelligent homeowner understands the value of assessing the subtle signs of damage to the system and knows that some need a specialist to pinpoint and work through. Here are four commonly ignored indicators of a damaged roof. 

Wild Animals on the Roof

The presence of squirrels, birds, and other wild animals on your roof might seem like a regular thing, especially if your landscape has trees. However, this could also indicate your roof has gaps and damage. Pests usually enter and nest in the attic when you have broken shingles, rotten fascia boards, and other structural weaknesses on the roof. Therefore, you should take the rustling of wild animals on your roof seriously, as it could signify damage. Call a roofing contractor and have them inspect the roof for possible damages. They can offer restoration ideas.

A Roof Full of Black Spots

Most people ignore black spots, but they often indicate that the roof might be damaged and need repairs. Typically, they result from mold damage to the roofing materials, which indicates that your roof has suffered moisture retention for a long time and eventually gave in. Consider an immediate assessment of the damage and repair recommendations. Timely repairs will help minimize the progression of the mold damage, which would otherwise lead to leaks and interior water damage. 

Buckled Shingles

Most people will notice when their roof has missing shingles. However, buckling shingles are a little harder to pick up. It is probably because the change is subtle and unnoticeable unless you remember the previous state. However, buckling indicates that your roofing material has suffered a lot of moisture damage, causing structural changes to the shingles. Having a professional inspect the roof at least once a year is one of the best ways to minimize the chances of buckled shingles leading to progressive roof damage. 

Unusual Whistling Sounds

Whistles come from an unusual flow of air through the roof. Slow and persistent damage changes the airflow, leading to odd sounds when the wind blows. A professional should inspect the roof and recommend the ideal repairs.

A roofing professional can pick up on these subtle signs of residential roof damage. Consult one close to you to help resolve any developing issue before it wrecks your roof.