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Fireplace Mistakes Homeowners Need To Avoid

When it comes to your home's fireplace, there are several common mistakes you will want to avoid. Whether you are a new or experienced homeowner, familiarizing yourself with these common oversights can protect your home and family from the consequences of these potential mistakes.

Mistake: Hanging Pictures Too Close To The Fireplace

The mistake of hanging pictures too close to the fireplace is a very common issue that homeowners can encounter. The intense heat from the fireplace can cause severe damage to the painting. In particular, it can contribute to the frame warping or cracking and the color fading. The paper used for photographs or the canvas used in paintings can also warp due to this heat exposure. In extreme cases, this may even damage the wall where the picture frame is hanging. The frame can transfer the intense heat it absorbs to the wall where it is hanging, which causes damage to the paint, wallpaper, and paneling.

Mistake: Burning Things Other than Dry Wood In The Fireplace

A common mistake for homeowners is failing to appreciate the problems that can develop if they burn things other than dry wood in the fireplace. Having a fireplace can make your home a cozy place. However, burning cardboard, cloth, plastic, or even treated wood will lead to problems. These materials can produce large amounts of residues that could collect in the fireplace and chimney. Also, these materials may produce large amounts of fumes or smoke that may seep into the home's interior. In addition to avoiding burning these materials, a person should only burn dry firewood. Attempting to burn wet wood in the fireplace may produce large amounts of smoke and residue that could be hard to clean.

Mistake: Not Having The Fireplace Serviced By Professionals

Proper fireplace care and maintenance are critical for avoiding problems with this part of the home. Cleaning and inspecting the fireplace's hearth can provide an opportunity to find and repair cracks before they create problems. In addition to maintaining the hearth, you need to keep in mind that the chimney has its own maintenance needs. Cleaning the chimney and replacing its liner can help to keep the home's interior safe when the fireplace is in use. Failing to clean the chimney can result in soot and other debris obstructing the smoke and fumes. Ensuring that your home avoids these issues will require the chimney to be cleaned and inspected yearly. If the chimney's liner is damaged, you must refrain from using the fireplace until a new liner is installed. Otherwise, small cracks in the liner could let smoke and fumes enter the home instead of venting through the chimney.

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