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Why You Need Proactive, Early-Season Weed Control

With temperatures warming up across the country, homeowners are starting to see buds on the trees and early sprouting in their flower beds. Unfortunately, along with these signs, you might also start to notice weeds sprouting up as well. Proactive weed control is an important part of the early spring season and the sooner you get started, the more effective it will be. Here are some things you should understand about the importance of timely weed control before the growing season hits full swing. 

Weed Seeds Sit Dormant All Winter

As the weather warms up, you might think you have some time to deal with weed prevention because it's just starting to get warm. What you may not realize is that weed seeds have overwintered on your property and are ready to sprout at the first signs of agreeable germination conditions. That means you need to react first and prevent those seeds from germinating, otherwise, you might be chasing weeds all throughout the growing season.

Weeds Grow Rapidly

The life cycle of weeds can be surprisingly short, meaning that any weeds that do sprout before you treat your yard are likely to go to seed much sooner than you think. When that happens, you end up with more weeds throughout your property as those seeds spread. Instead of starting your treatment process playing catchup from behind, prevent those weeds from ever germinating and disrupt that cycle before it even gets started.

Weeds Will Take Nutrients From The Plants You Do Want

Another reason why you should be proactive about weed control is that weed growth draws nutrients out of the soil, taking necessary nutrients away from the plans you have actually established in your landscaping. You might struggle to see a full season's growth in some plants if you don't prevent weeds from choking them out.

Weeds Attract Pests

Weeds grow much faster than other foliage, so it creates an ideal harbor for ticks, fleas, and all sorts of other pests in your yard. Treating your yard with a pre-emergent product to keep weeds from germinating will help you keep the pests at bay without a need for pesticide treatments.

These are just a few of the things that you should understand when it comes to weed control issues on your property. Don't let the warm weather get away from you. Prevent weed growth as soon as possible to have the best chance at a healthy lawn.

Contact a local weed control service to learn more.